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Who is AgeCare?

AgeCare is a trusted provider of aging in place communities to seniors across Canada

AgeCare is dedicated to creating vibrant communities that celebrate and support aging with dignity, independence and community interaction for seniors. We offer our residents a safe and secure home-like atmosphere where they and their families can be assured peace of mind.

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Maintain Your Brain: Socialize and Get More Sleep

The brain is a well-studied organ.  With its whopping 100 billion neurons, 100,000 miles of blood vessels, and copious amounts of white and grey matter… the brain’s capabilities and complexities are quite literally mind-boggling!   What research does consistently reveal is that certain activities and practices can prove beneficial in helping us stay sharp. In the Part 1 of this four-part ‘Maintain Your Brain’ series, we looked at the benefits of such activities as exercise, music, games and learning, and in Part 2 we challenged you to vary your routines to improve cognitive health.  .  Read More...



Maintain Your Brain: Vary Your Routine

Many of us love our daily rituals and routines; they help us to feel a sense of control and manageability in our lives. Older adults tend to be especially attached to their routines, mainly because many of them find that as they age they are less able to juggle different events and keep track of information. To cope with these challenges and maintain their independence, seniors find it necessary to create precise patterns (e.g., where they keep their important things and what time they get the mail), and often they resist the idea of changing.  Read More...