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Worry free living in a full service retirement home where all meals, laundry, and chores are taken care. Need daily assistance? We can provide the support you need, when you need it.Learn More

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Quality nursing home care delivered in a home-like environment. Our supportive living, dementia care, and long term care communities ensure residents have the best quality of life possible.Learn More

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Our employees are among the most happy and fulfilled anywhere, with more than 85% reporting high levels of job satisfaction and enjoyment.
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Who is AgeCare?

AgeCare is a trusted provider of aging in place communities to seniors across Canada

AgeCare is dedicated to creating vibrant communities that celebrate and support aging with dignity, independence and community interaction for seniors. We offer our residents a safe and secure home-like atmosphere where they and their families can be assured peace of mind.

Retirement Homes that Maintain Your Independence

AgeCare is committed to providing the best possible retirement homes and communities within all types of budgets. Our range of retirement home environments provide spaces for full independence as well as full assistance, and everything in between. AgeCare Retirement Homes >

A Modern Take Nursing Homes and Continuing Care Facilities

AgeCare is devoted to removing the stigma and image of “old age” and “old folks home”. With an award winning reputation and enthusiastic, compassionate staff our senior living communities provide exceptional care, engaging programming, and enjoyable dining experiences. We do all this and more to ensure each of our supportive living, long term care, and dementia care residents experience the best quality of life possible. AgeCare Nursing Homes >

Recent Blog Posts


Seniors and Mental Health

We’ve come a long way when it comes to identifying, accepting and treating mental health issues. In fact, nowadays it is common for family doctors to incorporate mental health-related questions in routine patient appointments. This is good news for all of us, considering that stats indicate that everyone will be impacted by mental health issues on some level and at some point in our lives.   For seniors, there is often talk of depression, given the dramatic lifestyle changes, losses, and stressful life events they are faced with. For some, depression is a very real.  Read More...



Meals Matter to Seniors

If you ask most people, a good meal matters. Seniors are no different. In fact, as you get older many people say that food becomes increasingly important since you are less able to enjoy other pleasures that you once took for granted.   “I used to spend a lot of time hiking, biking, exotic travel, long drives with my wife in the country. Now I can’t do any of those things, but I can still eat just fine and I don’t mind saying, I look forward to every meal,” said George Sinclair, a Calgary senior..  Read More...