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Short-Term Stays & Respite Options

Seniors Care - AgeCare ColumbiaThere could be a variety of reasons that you might need a short-term option like the Rejuvenate Wellness Program at AgeCare Columbia. We understand these unique situations from our many years of experience, and we have designed short-term stay solutions that respond to those needs.

Relief for Caregivers

Even the most dedicated caregivers experience times when they can no longer manage with their caregiving roles.

Perhaps there is a long-awaited vacation or planned surgery and their loved one cannot be left alone during this time. Respite stays are extremely popular and can range from two weeks to several months, depending on your specific needs.

Our guests enjoy all amenities and quickly become part of the family.

Request more information or book a tour of AgeCare Columbia to see if a relief stay is right for your loved one.

Respite and Convalescent Stays

A hospital stay or recent illness often means that home is not the safest or most beneficial option. Our caring and talented staff are trained to support seniors as they regain their strength and prepare them to return home, when they feel ready.

Request more information on respite and convalescent stays, including pricing.

Try it Out for a While

Before you make a full-time commitment, why not consider a trial stay, and experience AgeCare Columbia Retirement Community firsthand. It could be as little as a few days, or up to a month. Trial suites are fully furnished with all amenities and services – the perfect way to help you make the all-important decision.

Book a tour of AgeCare Columbia to see if a trial stay is right for your loved one.

Special Stays for Families

While you are receiving care, it’s nice to know you can also have your family close by. For a low rate, and depending on availability, your family is welcome to stay at AgeCare Columbia in their own private suite.

Join us for lunch and a tour.

If you would like to learn more about AgeCare Columbia, we highly recommend booking a tour. You can even sample from our menu, as you discover the very best in retirement living.

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