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AgeCare Midnapore, Calgary

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Activities to Promote Health & Wellness

The need to stay active, intellectually stimulated and socially connected never ends. Our recreation team works hard to design engaging activities and programs to ensure our residents experience the best quality of life possible.

Programming at AgeCare Midnapore is designed to enrich the mind, body, and spirit. Residents are free to choose their own level of activity – from calm and relaxing to active and energetic. 

Examples of activities our residents may enjoy include:
  • LINKages program – connecting youth with seniors
  • Exercise and fitness programs
  • Art classes
  • Music therapy
  • Indoor & outdoor gardening
  • Pet visits
  • Community and cultural events
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Workshops and educational sessions
  • Multi-faith spiritual services
Activities and programs at AgeCare Midnapore are constantly evolving so please take the time to view our current activities calendar posted in our news and events section.

Programming is tailored to our residents’ needs and capabilities. Through these programs, residents continue to pursue leisure interests, develop new skills, enhance their self-esteem and build rewarding relationships with other residents, staff, and volunteers. FFor residents who reside in our memory care neighborhood, we provide specialized programs and activities, some of which are designed to help them rediscover old skills.

Staying active through LINKages

When the enthusiasm of youth meets the wisdom of age, a lasting and valuable friendship can form.
Linkages- Students Amy Ducharme and Senior Mary Harris at the Beverly Centre Lake Midnapore

LINKages student Amy Ducharme and senior Mary Harris at AgeCare Midnapore

LINKages develops, coordinates and supervises activities that foster interaction between youth and seniors in safe, structured and caring learning environments. We have established proven methods and programs for developing successful, mutually beneficial relationships between seniors and young people.