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AgeCare Midnapore, Calgary

500 Midpark Way SE Calgary, AB T2X 3S3
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Frequently Asked Questions

My mother requires a special diet. Do you have a dietician on staff?

All AgeCare Communities have a regional dietician consultant to regularly review our menus and their nutritional values. For a special dietary need, the dietician assesses the resident’s requirements and recommends a prescribed diet, following-up regularly to ensure the special diet program is meeting the resident’s needs.

What type of “outings” do you offer your residents?

Aside from regularly scheduled trips to the malls, bowling alleys, or just to go out for tea, occasionally arranged excursions to the museum or other municipal attractions and special events (parades, fairs, concerts) are featured. The recreational coordinators for each facility talk to the residents about their interests and organize activities around their response. The result could be a simple ride into the country or a picnic in a park.

What qualifications does your staff have?

All AgeCare Communities meet or exceed the industry regulated requirements. Each facility has a Registered Nurse, and we maintain access to a host of health specialists and therapists. Our resident aides have all completed a course in residential care through a recognized college as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Health Care Aide (HCA).

Are pets allowed?

We always encourage families and friends with pets to bring them for visits, but we also maintain pet-free zones.

How do you welcome and orientate new residents?

AgeCare Communities operate on the principle of providing our seniors with quality personal care in a “home-like” surrounding. Our best references are our residents, and each facility has a Resident Welcoming Committee to make our new residents feel completely at home with their new friends. Our friendly staff readily recognizes new residents and they make a point of introducing themselves and their service responsibilities. We all strive to make new residents feel that they are truly welcomed to their new home!

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