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ABBY – an Interactive Friend for Residents

Residents at four BC AgeCare communities are delighted to engage with their new friend, ABBY™; an interactive board designed to provide meaningful stimulation, as well as fun and games, for those who choose to engage.

“ABBY™ is a wonderful tool that is fun and easy for residents to interact with,” said John Nocon, Executive Director at AgeCare Mount Ida Mews. “It is kind of like an old familiar friend. It brings nostalgic and familiar memories back to our residents, allowing them to re-live experiences they found pleasant and enjoyable.”

ABBY™ can play pre-selected personal and familiar pictures, videos, and songs. Residents can engage independently when they choose, or with the guidance of staff and family members.

“They can do things like recall pet memories by patting a cat, engaging with mechanical programs, or listen to old radio stations by turning knobs,” said John. “ABBY™ keeps participants calm, focused and entertained. You can see they are enjoying themselves.”

Tracy Spence-Whitford, recreation coordinator at AgeCare Cariboo Place says the interactive board is a big hit in their community and is especially popular with a resident who misses driving.

“Karl loves the program that lets him drive on an old country road – starting up that engine on a cool rainy morning is a great feeling for him,” said Tracy. “One day he drove using the ABBY™ board for over two hours with a huge grin from ear to ear. It was awesome to witness his joy.”

The best thing about ABBY™ – it never gets sick, or sleeps … it is always available and happy to interact!