Blair Phillips


Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Blair Phillips has spent 32 years working in HR in the Continuing Care industry, and while he underscores the complexities of serving in this sector, he highlights the innumerable rewards, including the extraordinary devotion and compassion of employees in their commitment to service.

In Blair’s role as Senior Vice President, Human Resources, he ensures that the human resources and key stakeholders are aligned with the organizational values and business goals. Creating a safe, supportive, and healthy workforce underpins AgeCare’s performance-based culture of service and excellence. He supports the organization’s human capital strategic plan and stewardship of the operational plan. Blair also serves as Board Chair for the Alberta Continuing Care Safety Association, representing approximately 60,000 workers, with the mandate to ensure industry-wide safety programs and standards are in place.

While Blair’s focus is high-level and employee-related, he states that he is humbled by the trust and respect of the families and residents we serve, and he is passionate about challenging the status quo to innovate, build, and improve the programs and standards in the industry.

When Blair is not wearing his SVP hat at AgeCare, there is a high probability he is out sailing. If you ask, he might share details of a harrowing experience where he was caught in a storm in the North Sea and rescued by the Norwegian Coast Guard.