Osman Ismail


Osman Ismail


Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence and Infrastructure Management

Osman Ismail is a true believer in the power of the team, prioritizing collaborative efforts aimed at making the AgeCare resident experience as positive as possible. He is equally passionate about contributing to the strategic direction of the organization, keen to promote innovation and unparallel services that enhance the lives of the people we serve.

In his role at AgeCare, Osman is responsible for the operations, maintenance, and management of Support Services, which includes Facility Management and Hospitality services. He is also charged with maximizing the asset lifecycle and delivering reliability and sustainability.

Before joining AgeCare, Osman held leadership roles with leading-edge support service providers in Canada and the United States. His 30-plus years of industry experience include facility management and hospitality, along with managing roles in seniors’ care facilities across Western Canada.

Osman prides himself on being an avid learner, always striving for ways to improve and raise the bar in an industry he is passionate about. Exhilarated by challenges and undaunted by change, Osman has lived and managed business operations in five countries.