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Quality Spotlight: Albus Laundry and Linen Services

You may have noticed that AgeCare’s towels and facecloths are especially bright and clothesline fresh! These are just some of the noticeable qualities of our sister company, Albus Laundry and Linen Services. We are also proud to say that Albus utilizes a unique laundering process called ozone laundering that is environmentally friendly while also eliminating even the most persistent pathogens – including COVID-19!

AgeCare didn’t just stumble upon this exceptional laundry service. Our founders built this company to provide better products and services for residents in our Calgary and area communities. The difference is noticeable! With no harsh chemicals – just ozone bubbles and cold water – our linens last longer, our towels are soft and fresh, Mother Nature is pleased, and residents get the royal treatment they deserve!