AgeCare / Catharine Leung

Catharine Leung

Chief Financial Officer

Catharine Leung is a highly dedicated executive team member with a desire to make a real difference in the world. Catharine’s financial management expertise, combined with strong business acumen, allows her to view the organization with a wide lens and then narrow down to connect the dots, identify business drivers, understand complex issues, take action, and drive results.

In her role as AgeCare’s Chief Financial Officer, Catharine applies her knowledge and expertise to establishing financial goals and objectives that align with AgeCare’s vision while meeting the full range of operational needs. Catharine excels at implementing strategies and systems to improve financial performance and propel the organization forward in a responsible and sustainable way. She leads the Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology teams at AgeCare, drawing on her previous experience in management at KPMG.

When she isn’t looking for ways to meet or exceed the expectations of staff, residents, families and other stakeholders, Catharine is happy to be at home, spending time with her family and friends.