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AgeCare Valleyview, Medicine Hat

65 Valleyview Drive SW, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7K5
(403) 526-7000
Services Offered

Funding & Costs

Care Funding

All care, medications and medical supplies are paid for by Alberta Health Services, through funds provided by the Government of Alberta. Care Funding provides for:

  • Nursing Services (Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurse and Health Care Aides)
  • Therapy Services (Rehabilitation, Occupational, Recreational and others as required)
  • Other Care Services (Social Work support, Registered Dietitian and Pharmacy services including medications)

Who Qualifies for Care Funding in Alberta?

To qualify for care funding, you must have residency status in Alberta which requires:

  • 10 consecutive years of residency in Canada at the time of application for care Centre admission, OR
  • 3 consecutive years of residency in Alberta any time during your lifetime, OR
  • 3 consecutive months residing in the Calgary Health Region prior to application

Accommodation Fees

The Accommodation Fee is paid for by the resident and covers the cost of the suite, meals, housekeeping, utilities, and maintenance. All accommodation fees for continuing care are set by the Government of Alberta and are based on the room type. Continuing care accommodation rates will increase on the 1st of July each year. A current list of rates is available through Alberta Health Services.

Financial assistance for eligible residents is available through Alberta Seniors.