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AgeCare Walden Heights, Calgary

250 Walden Drive SE, Calgary, AB T2X 0V1
(403) 873-4700

The Community

A new standard for seniors care in Calgary

This is not your typical community. Masterfully designed AgeCare Walden Heights is a modern, amenity-rich community covering 7 acres of land, including 1.6 acres of tranquil parks and open spaces. Our vision for AgeCare Walden Heights is to create a vibrant, multi-generational community where seniors are the focus. 

Designed with our residents in mind

Each floor in AgeCare Walden Heights has approximately 40 private resident rooms. The wings on each floor extend from a central space that has a dining room with a servery, a TV lounge, a quiet lounge and outside balcony. At the end of the wing, there is a quiet lounge with a large exterior window allowing for plenty of natural light. Each floor has a spa room for residents who prefer (or require) a nice soak in a specialized spa tub, designed for this resident population. Carpeting throughout to ensure the community has that homey feeling our residents really love.

The ground floor has many common amenities. Centrally located are a Hair Salon, Private Family Dining Room, and a large recreation area. The open floor plan is nicely separated by an aquarium-encased wall. A large section of this floor faces the outdoor courtyard allowing natural light in and an opportunity for residents to admire the view.

The design of all of these spaces has been carefully thought through from a resident enjoyment perspective, as well as functionality.