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Grandparents’ Day: Keeping grandchildren connected with their grandparents

Grandparents’ Day is an opportunity to recognize the great influence the older generation has on children’s lives. Seniors share family traditions and teach children valuable life skills and knowledge. Grandparents continue to play an important role in the family structure. When parents must work economic reasons, grandparent’s increasingly offer childcare support.


This September 11, take the opportunity to strengthen the bond between grandparents-grandchildren. Whether you live close by or far apart, there are many ways to stay in touch this Grandparents’ Day and throughout the year.


Looking for ways to stay connected? These tips might help:


#1 Letter Writing

Handwritten letters are an excellent way for younger children to practice their writing skills and grandparents can see the evolution of their grandchildren’s writing too. Encourage your grandchildren to draw a picture of the family and include it with the letter. Although letters are not the fastest way to communicate, it’s personal touch is unmatched! Try using a journal and send it back-and-forth!

#2 Email Correspondence

Email is a quick way to share an update with grandchildren. Practice your typing and computer skills and getting into the habit of sending an email on the same day each week. Encourage your family to send you their most recent photos, such as a birthday, vacation, or a class picture.

#3 Online Video Calls

Feel like you’re in the same room with your loved ones by video calling. Try reading a book to your grandchildren or ask to see their latest school project. Seeing your loved ones in real-time will help bridge the distance between you or can be a quick way to stay in touch throughout the week. Schedule video calls with family using services like Skype or Facetime.


#4 Plan regular visits

If you live far away, plan regular visits on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Aim to have a few visits throughout the year. If your family lives nearby, set a day of the week for time with your grandchildren. You can plan your week accordingly and your grandchildren will be excited to see you each week. No matter the distance, maintaining regular visits is a great way to protect the special moments you have together.


Connecting with your grandchildren will help them develop and will bring you joy as you watch them grow. This Grandparents’ Day, celebrate the richness of having children in your life and the meaningfulness you bring to each other.