AgeCare / Health Care Work in Canada – Recruitment Scam

Health Care Work in Canada – Recruitment Scam

AgeCare has received reports of fraudulent nursing and health care aide recruitment targeting nurses and caregivers in the Philippines and India. These individuals are claiming to represent or be an agent of AgeCare and collect fees with promises of employment.

These types of offers, and their association with AgeCare, are NOT legitimate.

AgeCare does not recruit outside of Canada and never requires individuals to pay fees as part of the recruitment process. Do not exchange any money with someone offering AgeCare positions, placements, training, or seminars.

We have summarized our recruitment process below.

If you have received an email, text, or other similar to that described above, contact your local police station or anti-fraud agency.

Recruitment Process

At AgeCare, we post all active opportunities on our website at and all individuals are encouraged to apply directly through our website.

Our organization will select the best candidates qualified for the opportunity and contact them directly through the contact information provided on their application form.

Our current recruitment process accepts Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, as well as those holding a valid working visa.

At AgeCare, we follow all provincial and federal requirements for hiring the best candidate. We consider all applications received that are eligible to work in Canada.