AgeCare / Matt Engelhardt

Matt Engelhardt

Vice President,
Financial Operations

Matt is passionate about leading people, building meaningful connections across teams and departments, and helping others reach their full potential. In his view, engagement and accountability add up to a healthy and thriving culture, and he strives to achieve this by using transparent communication and ensuring team members have clarity of purpose and know they are making a meaningful contribution beyond their own individual results.

In his role as VP of Financial Operations, Matt is responsible for leading the teams that support AgeCare’s AR/AP, Treasury, fixed asset, and payroll functions. As finance is a key pillar to the success of the organization, this role is designed to help set a solid foundation of process and discipline in relation to fiscal responsibility, and provide strategic support across the organization in alignment with AgeCare’s mission, vision and values.

Prior to joining AgeCare, Matt gained over 20 years of experience, building and leading teams in the areas of treasury, tax, financial planning & analysis, strategic sourcing, procurement and accounting operations.

When he is not in the office, Matt enjoys being active and spending time outdoors. His hobbies include golf, cycling, skiing and long walks with his dog.