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AgeCare Columbia Shares a Comprehensive Fire Safety Plan for Residents, Family Members and Guests

In light of the recent fire at a local retirement residence in Lethbridge, we would like to take this opportunity to share the fire safety plan at AgeCare Columbia.

At AgeCare we believe that the health, safety, and well-being of our residents are an essential part of our mission to provide the best quality of life experience for our residents with the support of families. As such, we have a comprehensive Fire Safety Plan that provides direction for evacuating the building in the event of an emergency.

At AgeCare Columbia we conduct regular fire drills and require any residents, family members and/or visitors that are present at the time of a drill to participate. When a fire alarm is activated all persons are urged to stay in their rooms and follow the direction of the staff. Our staff members are trained to respond quickly in the event of a fire, and will follow the REACT method for the initial evacuation of an area.

R    Remove those from immediate danger.

E    Ensure the door to the room with the fire is closed.

A   Alert staff; pull station alarm and announce the fire.

C   Call the Fire Department 911.

T    Try to control the fire if safe to do so or close the door.

Our community and fire safety plan also employs the following fire safety systems: smoke detectors, alarms, automatic sprinkler systems and emergency warning lights throughout the building and in every resident’s room. All resident doors are fire rated and each pod door will close automatically in the event of a fire. The building is fully equipped with fire extinguishers and all required safety systems are inspected annually.

We remain committed to offering our residents a safe and secure home-like environment where they and their families can be assured peace of mind. For more information or for questions please reach out to us directly at (403) 320-9363.

About AgeCare Columbia

Located in Lethbridge Alberta, AgeCare Columbia is a 112 suite seniors’ community that provides a home-like atmosphere where making friends is easy, and living is truly worry-free. The community offers both independent retirement living and supportive living (SL3) for seniors assessed by Alberta Health Services.

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