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AgeCare Midnapore April 2017 Calendar/Newsletter Retirement Living

Spring is officially here!

It’s been a mild winter in Calgary this year, but even so, springtime in the city can be an emotional roller coaster. After all, a dump of snow is just another sign that spring is really here and summer is just around the corner. While today is the first official day of spring, here are 8 ways to know for sure that spring has arrived in Calgary. You are willing to put on shorts if it’s sunny and the outdoor temperature is in the (positive) double digits. You have to get the tan started at some point. You keep rain boots, sandals and winter boots in your car for your lunch hour wander away from the office. Just in case. You’re unwilling to take off your winter tires. Who knows what it’ll be like tomorrow. The longer days mean dinner (and breakfast) while it’s still light outside, and you’ve probably already enjoyed a few beers on patios. You’re already dreaming of dinner alfresco at AlloyBow Valley Ranche Restaurant and River Café. Potholes make your morning commute feel like a ride at the Stampede. (And, another reason to know it’s spring, you’ve started to make plans for Stampede. Summer sports meet winter sports. You can find great deals at the ski resorts and golf courses around the city are opening soon. You begin to think that biking into work is actually a good idea again and you agree to participate in Bike to Work Day, which takes place on May 1. 1Rain, snow or shine, soon there’s a festival to attend just about every weekend. Lilac Festival and the Calgary International Children’s Festival are all festivals to look forward to in the spring.

Flower of the Month—Daisy

The traditional April flower is the daisy. The daisy gets its name from the Old English phrase day’s eye. That’s because of its appearance (round with a pupil-like center) and because daisies open at dawn as the day is just beginning. Daisies are often referred to as “love’s oracle” because of the tradition of pulling the petals off one by one and saying “he loves me” or “he loves me not” for each petal. So, if you want to know if your true love loves you back, this is the flower for you.


Download the April 2017 Estate Calendar below:

April 2017 Estate Calendar

Looking forward to seeing you all out and about this spring,

Erin M