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AgeCare Midnapore COVID-19 Weekly Update for August 21, 2020: Guide to Safe Visits

Dear Residents and Families,

We remain committed to providing updates to our residents, families, and staff at AgeCare. As such, we are providing weekly updates to keep you all informed on what is happening at our community and organization-wide.


  1. Information and announcements – this week, we are sharing what we can all do to ensure safe visits within our communities.
  2. Recreation calendar as the need to stay active, intellectually stimulated, and socially connected never ends.
  3. A weekly shout-out to celebrate the great work and activities happening at our community.

These updates are sent Friday each week. We hope that you find them helpful. Thank you all for your continued support.


Nasir Alibhai, General Manager

Barb Clark, Director of Care

A Guide to Safe Visits

With the support of residents, families, and staff, visits continue to go well as we all work together to follow the Chief Medical Officer’s order on Safe Visitation.

Our efforts to keep our communities free of COVID-19 remain as strong as ever. We know that through these collective efforts and adherence to the guidelines, we are doing all we can to protect our residents from the spread of the virus. Especially if we continue to physically distance, continually wear masks, and wash our hands often. It’s a message we cannot say enough.

10 Steps to Ensure a Safe Visit Indoors

Today we would like to share some guidelines that were developed to ensure that our indoor and end-of-life visits are as safe as they can be.

  1. To ensure physical-distancing can be maintained and to oversee the number of people in the community at a given time, we ask that you call reception, at 403-873-2600, 24-48 hours before your planned visit to reserve your time.
  2. Visits are to occur in the resident room or designated visiting space only.
  3. Go directly to and from the room, do not wander the hall.
  4. Wear a mask continuously for your entire visit, including to and from the room.
  5. If practicing safe physical touch, wear a mask, and follow hand hygiene before and after.
  6. Maintain physical-distancing except when practicing safe physical touch.
  7. Self-check for symptoms throughout the visit.
  8. Use the washroom located in your loved-ones room.
  9. Only visit with the resident you are supporting.
  10. Reserve your next time-slot at reception before leaving.

We continue to encourage families and loved ones to meet with their loved-one outdoors or virtually, so that we may limit the number of individuals coming into our buildings and help keep our AgeCare communities COVID-19 free. You may also wish to consider taking your loved one out for a community walk, just remember to help them stay hydrated! See last week’s update for more on staying hydrated.

As August marks the sixth month of the pandemic in Alberta, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support and patience as we have endeavored to balance the health & safety of our residents and staff alongside our mission to provide the best quality of life experience for our residents with the support of families.

Recreation Calendar

We are happy to share that our recreation calendar is back, and many of our regular recreational activities in the community have resumed. Residents can participate in a variety of engaging activities that enrich the mind, body, and spirit while maintaining appropriate physical distancing.

Weekly Shout-Out

Thank you to our Virtual Visit Team! 

Tenzin, Alexa & Alex are some of the individuals responsible for connecting residents with their loved ones.  On weekdays, they use the iPad or phone for residents to visit with family near and far.  We have learned many new strategies to connect people with varied vision, cognitive and hearing abilities.  The team has also overcome challenges for people with limited technology access or skills.  Emotional and social connections are vital to the well being and quality of life of residents and we appreciate those who sustain these visits.