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AgeCare Midnapore Estate OCT 2017 Calendar/Newsletter Retirement Living

Hello Estate residents and hello October!  The month of September has flown by, mostly in part to our busy schedules. Thank you so much to all of you that came out, twice to help make our famous apple pies! I would also like to thank those who donated their time selling our amazing pies. For both sales, we sold out before lunch! Good job everyone!  I would also like to mention some of the super fun outings we had. Mini golf was great as was the Saskatoon Berry Farm lunch outing. We also made a special trip to the thoroughbred horse races  at Century Downs Casino, and  a lot of fun was had by all.  Looking forward to the month of October, there a few fun outings planned such as, the Chinook Honey Farm, the cinema and  Granary Road Market.  Keep your eye on the calendar for some new special exercise programs, and for some “spooky” fun programs to celebrate Halloween. Let’s not forget to give thanks  as we celebrate Thanksgiving Oct 9th. Looking forward to another great month with you all!

Check out a full calendar of activities here:

October 2017 Estate Calendar