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AgeCare Midnapore LTC – FEBRUARY 2018 Calendar & Events


Notable Quotable

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

– Thomas Edison, inventor


Download the February Recreation Calendar Here:

February 2018 



Valentines Day Dinner – February 14th 5:00pm in the Atrium

Canadian Split Pea & Ham Soup

Poached Salmon and Dill Hollandaise Sauce


Well Done Steak with Béarnaise Sauce

Duchess Potatoes and Asparagus

Chocolate Lava Cake

20$ per couple.

 Sign up at Recreation. Seating is limited. But not limited to couples. Friends and family welcome.


Recreation Therapy Week!

We will be celebrating Monday – Friday, each day being represented by a specific domain of Therapeutic Recreation. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join in and learn about each day’s hot topic! Did you know? Recreation focuses on 5 domains of wellness: Social, Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, and Spiritual. Each program we run has a purpose and focuses on strengthening, maintaining or educating about these domains! Check your calendar for programs.

Move It Monday—“Physical”

“Social” Tuesday

Sensory Stimulating Showcase Wednesday—”Emotional”

Faithful Thursday—”Spiritual”

“Cognitive” Friday

check your neighbourhood calendar for fun and events


Chinese New Year!

The Dog is the eleventh of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Monkey, Rooster and Dog were in another country, helping a god defeat evil spirits. After, they set off to the party together. Because they arrived at the same time, the Jade Emperor went by the order they met the god in the other country. Thus, Dog became eleventh.

We will be celebrating Chinese New Year from Feb 17-23

Check your calendar for more details!


Winter Olympics 2018

From February 9–25, the world’s greatest athletes will compete for gold medals and glory at the XXIII Winter Olympics. South Korea will host the winter games in Pyeongchang, a city in Gangwon Province, high in the Taebaek Mountains of the north.

From Feb 12 to 16th we will be having fun with some Olympic activities! Check your  calendar for more details. Want to follow team Canada and how they are doing? Check by recreation each day to see updates on how our Canadian Athletes are doing.


Wednesday Feb 14 @ 2pm – Sox & Sax Music in Atrium

Wednesday Feb 21 @ 3pm – Ledfoot Express Music in Atrium

Wednesday Feb 28 @ 3pm – David Lee Music in Atrium



For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Tori White (Recreation Coordinator) 403-873-2612, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!