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AgeCare Midnapore LTC – FEBRUARY 2019 Calendar & Events

To My Valentine

Two hearts are sailing on a quiet little pond.

For over sixty years they have scared a sacred bond.

How much time on earth is left only God will know.

But until that time cometh we’ll continue on the go.

Two white swans come    gliding to share our little pond

We know that they too have pledged a lifetime bond.

For eons this cycle remains until the end of time.

So for now and forever you are my Valentine.

My love is forever.




AgeCare Midnapore has been chosen to pilot a new program called RAAPID (referral, access, advice, placement, information & destination). The Calgary Zone has noticed a high rate of transfers from LTC sites to emergency departments (ED). While many transfers are necessary, some are unnecessary and harmful to residents. These visits result in disruption in continuity of care and limited to poor communication between LTC and receiving hospital. Currently there is not formal process—thus, the trial of RAPPID. The goal is to facilitate a seamless transfer to and from the ED, reduce length of stay in ED and leverage existing community paramedic resources to treat on site and avoid a transfer to ED if appropriate. This programs allows 3 way conversations between RAAPID, ED and LTC site. Those involved in the pilot program are LTC Physicians and nurses, RAAPID team, Community Paramedics, ED physicians and nursing staff. Transition services in ED. AgeCare Midnapore is very honoured to trail this program and have great success so far!



If you are interested in any education opportunities at AgeCare Midnapore. Please contact Alexa Grinevitch, SW


Valentines Day Dinner

February 14th 5:00pm in the Atrium

Canadian Split Pea & Ham Soup

Poached Salmon & Dill Hollandaise Sauce


Well Done Steak with Béarnaise Sauce

Duchess Potatoes and Asparagus

Chocolate Lava Cake

10$ per person

 Sign up at Recreation. Seating is limited. But not limited to couples. Friends and family welcome.


Accommodation Audit

Feb 14 2019

The purpose of the accommodation standards is to ensure that all long-term care accommodations maintain a high quality of accommodation services that promote the safety, security and quality of life for Albertans living in those accommodations.

The long-term care operators under a nursing home contract are required under the Nursing Home General Regulation to be in compliance with the Long-term Care Accommodation Standards and Continuing Care Health Service Standards. These standards include assessed health and personal care services provided by nurses, therapists, health care aides and other

health care professionals. Alberta Health is responsible for these standards.



Personal Care Products Change

In 2019 we plan to implement a number of changes to our approach to skin care and management of incontinence. We anticipate these changes to have many positive outcomes for our residents including a reduction in skin tears, pressure injuries and other skin irritations as well as reduced pain and discomfort associated with those skin conditions.

Please contact your RCM for further questions. Please be advised that in Long Term Care, residents/families are responsible for paying for personal care products and the fees for the new products will be increasing from $16.00 to $25.00 + GST/month as of April 1,  2019.


Recreation Therapy Week!

We will be celebrating Monday – Friday, each day being represented by a specific domain of Therapeutic Recreation. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join in and learn about each day’s hot topic! Did you know? Recreation focuses on 5 domains of wellness: Social, Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, and Spiritual. Each program we run has a purpose and focuses on strengthening, maintaining or educating about these domains!

check your neighbourhood calendar for fun and events





Download the Recreation Calendar Here: February 2019

For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Tori White (Recreation Coordinator) 403-873-2612, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!