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AgeCare Midnapore LTC – June 2017 Calendar & Events


Quote of the Day “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” ~ Abraham Maslow



June at a Glance

 June 2 – KFC In House Lunch

June 5 – Breakfast Outing

June 6 – Legion Lunch Outing

June 7 – Dwayne Fettig Music in Atrium

June 8 – Ice Cream Social in the Courtyard

June 12 – Breakfast Outing

June 13 – Zumba in the Atrium

June 14 – Stay on the Bus Drive

June 19 – Father’s Day Magic Show

June 20 – Saskatoon Berry Farm Outing

June 21 – Sox & Sax Music in Atrium

June 26 – Birthday Party in Atrium

June 27 – Canadian Multicultural Day Fair in the Atrium

June 29– Grumpy Men Courtyard Lunch

Throwback Thursday every Thursday 3:00 in Bridlewood Retreat

Crib & Tile Rummy Club every other Monday on the Atrium Balcony

Download the JUNE 2017 Calendar Here – June 2017

Happy Father’s Day

Fathers, grandfathers, and friends—Come one; come all to the magical madness with Maloney Magic for Father’s Day!

On Monday June 19th at 3:00pm in the Atrium we will be having magical afternoon with donuts, coffee, and entertainment.

Grumpy Old Men will be having a Courtyard Lunch on Thursday June 29th

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday

In this momentous year marking the 150th anniversary of Confederation, our Celebrate Canada festivities will be bigger than ever before! Take advantage of the numerous celebrations being held in your neighbourhood to discover and appreciate the wealth and diversity of Canadian society. In this memorable year, show your love of Canada and your pride in being Canadian!

June 21st—National Aboriginal Day

June 24th—Saint-Jean Baptiste Day

June 27th—Canadian Multiculturalism Day

July 1—Canada Day!

Resident or Family Volunteers for new Welcome Program

Hello family, friends and residents. We are seeking  volunteers who help with our Welcome Program by  connecting with new residents and families in the building. This would take

a couple hours each month to introduce and connect with new faces in our home. If this is something you would be interested in please let Tori, Recreation Coordinator know.


please ensure your loved one has a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen with them for when they go outside for recreation programming or visits with others.

Stay sun safe!

For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Tori White (Recreation Coordinator) 403-873-2612, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!