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AgeCare Midnapore LTC – September 2017 Calendar & Events


“As Summer into Autumn slips And yet we sooner say “The Summer’ than ‘the Autumn,’ lest we turn the sun away.”

~ Emily Dickinson


September at a Glance

Sept 1 – Potato Harvest in the Atrium

Sept 4 – Labour Day (No Exercise/Recreation)

Sept 5 – Farmer’s Market in the Atrium 10:00-2:00

Sewpt 6 – Dwayne Fettig Music in the Atrium

Sept 9 – Show & Shine in the Main Parking Lot 1-4PM

Sept 12 – Zumba in the Atrium

Sept 13 – Stay on the Bus Drive

Sept 16 – Knitting Club in the Atrium

Sept 18 – Grumpy Old Men Piñata Party

Sept 18 – Golden Gals 1 year Anniversary Dinner

Sept 19 – Lunch in Longview & Big Rock Erratic

Sept 20 – Boyd Nichols Music in the Atrium

Sept 22 – Fresh Apple Sauce for Sale in the Atrium

Sept 26 – Oktoberfest Lunch & Dinner

Sept 27 – Stay on the Bus Drive

*** Throwback Thursday is back on Thursday ***

*** Tile Rummy & Crib Club in the Bridlewood Retreat on Mon Sept 11 & 25th***

*** Highschool students are back on Sept 14th on Thursday for recreation programs ***

For more programs and activities please download the August Calendar Here:

September 2017


Farmers Market

  • Little Bow Hutterite Colony will be selling fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods.
  • Recreation is selling harvested potato soup from the garden!
  • Estates are selling their homemade apple pies.

Tuesday September 5th from 10:00am-2:00pm In the Atrium




Flu season is just around the corner and we all want to prepare for it. How can you help?

Get vaccinated- available from September-November. Nursing department is contacting residents/families /agents to get consent for the flu vaccine.

Wash your hands

Follow respiratory etiquette

Drink water and get plenty of rest if you are sick

If you need information and want to know more about influenza, please contact

 Anna Andres, Clinical Recourse Nurse

Or Belen Banasen, RCM


Oktoberfest Meals

Recreation will be hosting 2 Oktoberfest Meals on Tues Sept 26—Lunch @ 12:00 and Dinner @ 5:00. Sign up with time preference, seating is limited.  Pretzels, Schnitzel, Strudel, and more!

Great food

Great beer

Great friends



For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Tori White (Recreation Coordinator) 403-873-2612, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!