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AgeCare puts system in place to prevent a measles outbreak occurring in their communities.

AgeCare communities located within the Calgary Zone have implemented the Alberta Health Services procedures to prevent a measles outbreak from occurring.

To all our residents, families, and friends,

Alberta Health Services have declared a measles outbreak effective April 29, 2014 in the Calgary Zone. I wanted to let you all know that the teams at all the AgeCare communities in the Calgary Zone have implemented all Alberta Health Services recommended guidelines and procedures to protect the health of all our community during the measles outbreak.

All staff, partners, and volunteers that work or visit our community are required, regardless of their year of birth, to provide proof that that they have immunity to the measles by providing:

  • Two documented doses of [live] measles-containing vaccine at the appropriate time interval, on or after the first birthday,
  • Laboratory confirmation of previous measles infection,
  • Serological evidence of measles immunity (measles IgG positive) already on file

If any of our staff, partners, and / or volunteers are exposed to a case of measles and do not have immunity proof on file, they may be unable to enter the community for a period starting five days after the first exposure through 21 days after the last exposure. This exclusion or quarantine period is consistent with that used by Alberta Health Services for non-immune staff in facilities when measles exposures occur.

As always we continue to strive to provide the highest standards of care and have implemented all measles outbreak recommendations made by Alberta Health Services.

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