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 AgeCare Seton Residents Virtually Attend Gala Celebrating Seniors

May 26 was a special day of recognition for seven inspiring seniors in Calgary, and some lucky AgeCare Seton seniors joined virtually to cheer them on and recall their own life highlights!

Watch the Highlight Video!

Top 7 over 70 is an annual gala that recognizes seniors for noteworthy achievements they have pioneered after the age of 70. The concept reinforces that age is no barrier for those who seek to innovate, invent, and make positive contributions in the world.

This year, gala organizers livestreamed the sold-out event to include AgeCare Seton residents – amplifying the message that all older adults have made their mark in the world.

Seton staged a grand screening event that included games, delicious snacks, a professional photo booth, and activities designed to encourage reflection of personal achievements. Residents proudly shared some of the following accomplishments:

  • Building adaptive equipment for disabled individuals
  • Raising three beautiful children as a single mother
  • Being a part of and volunteering for the Lions Club
  • Travelling the whole world
  • Saving someone’s life and receiving a National Life Saving Award
  • Being a volunteer firefighter
  • Being an accomplished oil painter

Also in attendance at the Seton event were some members of the Calgary Stampede Youth Band. Their spirited interaction with the residents made for a touching reminder that respect and admiration flows generously both ways, no matter the age or stage in life.