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AgeCare Valleyview May 2018 Activity Calendars & Newsletter

History of Mother’s Day

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, but the clearest modern precedent for Mother’s Day is the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday.” In Canada, we celebrate Mothers Day on the same day as the United States, the second Sunday of every May. Today Mother’s Day is celebrated in almost 50 countries around the world. However, it is celebrated on different days in the month of May; and in some countries at entirely different times of the year. Well, first and foremost who does not enjoy receiving flowers? Flowers have traditionally been a way of conveying feelings and letting the recipient know how important a role they play in the sender’s life. When it comes to playing an important role in an individuals life, it’s hard to top Mom!

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