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AgeCare welcomes the new Your Health System public reporting tools as it provides greater transparency at all levels

AgeCare congratulates the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) on their launch of the new Your Health System which provides the public with a user-friendly view into the key performance indicators used in Long-Term Care (LTC) communities across Canada. The Your Health System focusses on 9 LTC performance indicators—using information obtained in 2013/14 from more than 1,000 nursing homes across Canada.

AgeCare has been using this information for the past few years to assist in identifying and acting on opportunities to improve the care we provide to our LTC residents. “The data we receive from CIHI serves as an important guide for our LTC communities,” says Beth Gorchynski, Director of Quality Management and Safety. “Performance reporting allows us to measure success, improve our health care services, and establish best practices in our approach to care to ensure our residents age with dignity and independence.”

Celebrating our Successes

1) Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics (AUA)

AgeCare is proud that all of its LTC communities exceed the provincial, local Alberta Health Services (AHS) Zones and the Fraser Health Authority averages in ensuring our use of antipsychotics is appropriate. AgeCare Beverly Centre Glenmore in Calgary AB was an early adopter in the provincial Appropriate Use of Antipsychotic (AUA) Project. Working in partnership with AHS Seniors Health Strategic Clinical Network, AgeCare has taken a proactive approach in developing best practices, policies, and education materials for its health care teams to reduce the amount of antipsychotic medication being used. Our goal is to ensure that we are using the right medication for the right resident for the right amount of time.

2) Restraint Use in Alberta’s Long-Term Care Communities

At AgeCare, we recognize that restraint use does not support our resident-centered approach to care, can lead to injuries and falls, and can increase resident confusion and agitation. We are pleased that all of our Alberta AgeCare LTC communities had reported a lower level of restraint use in comparison to the Alberta provincial average and local AHS Zones.

3) Experiencing Pain or Worsened Pain in Long-Term Care

Pain can have a significant impact on the quality of life experience and should not be considered a ‘normal’ part of aging. AgeCare is pleased to see a lower level of pain being reported during our assessments when compared to the provincial, local AHS Zones and Fraser Health Authority’s results.

Opportunities for Improvement

1) Improved Physical Functioning in Long-Term Care

Although our results in the Worsened Physical Functioning in LTC had shown positive results, we have identified that we are not performing as well as we would like in the Improved Physical Functioning category. AgeCare leadership has been working with the on-site rehabilitation teams to appropriately identify resident needs, develop care plans based on targeted and realistic goals, and measure the residents’ progress. We are also reviewing ways that we can further integrate rehabilitation into our residents’ daily lives.

2) Restraint Use at Harmony Court Care Centre

In response to a higher than average use of restraints at Harmony Court Care Centre in Burnaby, British Columbia, we have implemented several best practices and procedures currently being used in our Alberta LTC communities. These initiatives have included increased education for staff and the introduction of a restraint audit and review process.

In January 2015, AgeCare and their partner, the Fraser Health Authority, implemented a comprehensive Quality Improvement Plan. The focus of the plan was on improving the overall delivery of safe, quality care to the centre’s residents. As a result of these initiatives, the results reported for 2014/15 on restraint use are now trending down, which we continue to closely monitor.

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