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April 2014 Activity Calendar and Newsletter – Sagewood

Spring has sprung and it is time to head outside!

When the weather is nice we take it outside so keep a close eye on the dailies. And of course, remember your hats and sunscreen.

Important Dates in April

  • April 1 April Fool’s Day
  • April 14- 22 Passover
  • April 18 Good Friday
  • April 21 Easter Monday
  • April 22 Earth Day

Earth Day Upcycling Program

In the celebration of Earth day on April 22nd recreation is putting together an upcycling program. This upcycling project will be focused on building bird seed feeders for the property through recycling and re-using household items.
Please drop off the following items to recreation in the activity room on the first floor or at reception by April 17th:

  • CD Cases
  • 2 L Pop Bottles
  • 2 L Cardboard Juice Containers
  • Bird Seed

We thank everyone for their donations and for participation in Sagewood’s upcycling program for 2014

Sagewood April 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

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