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August 2014 Activity Calendar and News – Walden Heights

Update from General Manager

Walden Heights will soon be expanding with 125 more Residents arriving in the late fall. As we go forward with this expansion you will see additions to our team in order to take care of our New Residents. Throughout this time we will try to keep the disruptions to daily life with our current Residents to a minimum. As Walden Heights grows we are using the information we received through your feedback to work to improve our service to our Residents and their families. We have the information that you gave us regarding how you feel about Walden Heights and where we can improve. In the past few weeks we have been working as a team to come up with goals a plan of action to help us in making Walden Heights a great place to live and work.

Thank you to everyone that took part in our annual survey which is completed by our Residents or their family. We have our employees complete surveys as well regarding safety and security and work life.

Yours, Carol Law

Read the full Walden Heights August 2014 Newsletter (PDF) for updates from all the departments.

Update from Recreation

Well Stampede is over… until next year! August brings… ELVIS!?!

That’s right, August is Elvis week from the 11th-15th. We will be offering trivia/sing-alongs and featuring Elvis’s favorite food (peanut butter, grape jelly, banana & bacon sandwiches). Mark your calendar to come see Elvis for yourself! Thursday, August 14th at 2:30pm, Elvis will be crooning his hit songs while wishing everyone a Happy Birthday & Welcoming New Residents to Walden.

Please download the Walden Heights August 2014 Activity Calendar (PDF) for all the programs and activities this month.