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August 2014 Activity Calendar and Newsletter – Sagewood

Resident’s Council

Council meeting was held July 24th in the Community Center at 3:30. The meeting started with discussion on “borrowing” staff again and reminders were given regarding the DOC’s explanation last meeting. We also reviewed the steps administration is taking to alleviate that problem.

New Business

  • There was a suggestion to use volunteers to help porter residents to and from meal times, hairdressers apt, and activities. Rina Hempel the volunteer coordinator agreed with a reminder that volunteers pick and choose their hours and in the summer volunteers are sparse.
  • Air circulations within the rooms are very strong and residents are finding it quite windy.
  • There was a suggestion for Happy hour and questioned as to why there wasn’t any.  Rina Hempel mentioned that AgeCare is a non-alcoholic facility but will check with the General Manager.
  • Residents are concerned about meal times.  They are pushed to meals at noon when they don’t eat till 1 or sometimes after and then the meals are cold.
  • A reminder was given to the residents at the council meeting to write things in the feedback envelops as they do get looked at and given to administration

Resident Meetings

  • August 12- Food Services Meeting, Community Centre at 6:00 PM
  • August 19- Sagewood Family Meeting, Community Centre at 6:00 PM
  • August 26- Caregivers Support Group, Family Dining Room at 3:00 PM
  • August 28- Resident’s Council, Community Centre at 3:30 PM

From the Recreation Team

Our 2 new staff members are making their way throughout, meeting everyone.  In August we will be starting a kindness campaign as a reminder that showing kindness and compassion is a good thing and makes living with others more enjoyable for everyone.  We are also hosting a garage sale Sept 13 so if anyone wants to donate items we will be collecting them in late August.

Of Note

There are now audiobooks available for sign-out in the Activity Room. Drop by to check out the selection!

 Highlighted Events

  • Heritage Days Kickoff July 31
  • Dennis Toner August 2
  • Hendricks Family August 4
  • Shakespeare In the Park August 20
  • Lunch Club August 19&21
  • Singing Mennonite Group August 15
  • Linton Tracey August 22

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