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August 2015 Newsletter and Calendar – Walden Heights

Hi Everyone,

As many of you aware we recently experienced a severe weather warning for the Calgary SE area.  When there are any emergency situations we do have a binder in each neighborhood which gives our team members instructions on what to do.  After each event takes place we have a sit- down meeting to debrief and discuss what went well and what improvements we could make.

On this occasion we did get a number of calls from families with lots of speculation about possible evacuation. We keep a very close eye on the situation and make decisions based on what is happening or may potentially happen.  During the warning we experienced no inclement weather at Walden Heights.  We did send out a mass email to let people know we were aware of the weather warning and were taking all precautions.  We sent out a second one to let everyone know we were fine.

The safety and security of our Residents and team members is our top priority. We will work to ensure that we continue to improve our responsiveness.

Next Family Meeting will be held on Wed, August 26th at 5:30pm.

 Yours, Carol Law

Director Of Care

With summer finally here, the care team is busy preparing for the fall. Our immunization clinic at Walden is scheduled for October 07, 2015. Our receptionist has consent forms for our third floor Courts residents, please stop by and complete one on your visit. Walden’s Resident Care Managers and or the AHS Case Managers also have forms available for families to complete. We hope to have as many of our clients immunized as possible to reduce the risk of Outbreak and program cancellations during the winter months.

 Trish Ramstead


August 2015 Calendar – Walden Heights