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August 2016 Calendar & Newsletter


Notable Quotable

“The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”

~ Lucille Ball, born Aug. 6, 1911

August at a Glance

August 1 – Civic Holiday (No Exercise or Recreation)

August 3 – Dwayne Fettig Music in the Atrium

August 4 – In House Lunch in the Courtyard

August 5 – Opening Olympics Ceremony

August 8 – Welcome Tea in the Atrium

August 8 – Seated Zumba in the Atrium

August 10 – Sox & Sax Music in the Atrium

August 11 – Midnapore Olympics Part 1 in Atrium

August 15 – Grumpy Old Men in Lunch in the Courtyard

August 16 – Handi-Boat Outing to Ghost Lake

August 18 – Midnapore Olympics Part 2 in Atrium

August 19 – Red Hatter’s Afternoon at Heritage Park

August 22 – Stay on the Bus Ride to Tim Hortons

August 22 – Conversationalists in the Bridlewood Retreat

August 25 – In House Dinner

August 29 – Tile Rummy Tournament in the Bridlewood Retreat

August 31 – Stay on the Bus Drive

Check Out Your Neighbourhood calendar for more Programs and Fun

August 2016 Calendar & Newsletter

Midnapore Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics are back in Rio, Brazil. To celebrate we will be hosting our own Midnapore Olympics! Each neighbourhood will represent a country and compete for championship!

Opening Ceremony—Friday August 5th. Watch as some of your fellow resident pass the Midnapore Olympic torch from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

Midnapore Olympics—

  • (Part 1) Thursday August 11th
  • (Part 2) Thursday August 18th.

All of your favourite Olympic events completed by YOU! Golfing, shot put, gymnastics, hockey, and much more. Come check out how we will adapt and complete for the win in the Atrium.

Tile Rummy Tournament

On Monday August 29th a Tile Rummy Tournament will be taking place in the Bridlewood Retreat. We invite all residents from every neighbourhood to show off their Tile Rummy Skills. Who will be in the next Tile Rummy Champion of 2016?

Tile Rummy Training will be taking place throughout the month so check out your calendar to brush up on your skills.


Neighbourhood BBQ’s Continue!

Each neighbourhood will be getting a Lunch BBQ provided by the Kitchen and served by the Recreation department in the Courtyard.

  • August 5—Chaparral
  • August 12—Bridlewood
  • August 19—Somerset
  • August 26—Shawnessy
  • September 2—Sundance

Palliative Care Presentation

There will be a palliative care information presentation held on Tuesday, August 9th in the education classroom at 6:30 pm. All Family members and residents are welcome to attend. Come find out more about this topic, our palliative care team and what we do here as well as our new initiatives!

Attention Residents and Families

On September 4 we will be realigning our non-regulated health provider hours. You may see new faces as well as familiar faces in your neighbourhood. Exercise and recreation programs will be realigned to meet the new schedule. If you have any question or concerns please contact Barb Clark, DOC or Nasir Alibhai, GM.