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August 2016 Newsletter & Calendar – AgeCare Glenmore

During the month of August we are saluting the Summer Olympics in Rio.  The Olympics are from August 5-21st.  Staff, families and Residents we encourage you to wear any Olympic gear, Canada gear or your favorite Country gear during the Olympics.
Happy summer everyone and GO CANADA!


Important Dates

  • August 9th – We will be starting with our very own opening Ceremonies at 2:30 pm with Alma Lu Alma “A Taste of Rio Samba Music and Dancer!”



  • There will be many more Olympic Events planned so make sure you have a look at the calendars, white boards, and posters throughout the building and near the neighborhood nursing stations.
    Some events include: Opening and CLosing Ceremonies, Race Day, Javelin Toss, Equestrian Horse Racing, Discus and Shot Put events.
  • Noon BBQ’s are in full swing and we will try to get your loved ones outside as much as possible for at least 1 BBQ and as many outside entertainments and programs as we can (wild weather permitting). We had our Happy Hour outside in July and the weather was just perfect!


Thank yous

  • Thank you for joining us for The Resident’s Stampede Brunch this year! Thank you to our very own entertainer and Inservice Coordinator Cyndi for lending her voice to those who could not be in the main hub of our entertainment with Kenny Smith. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who made it all run so smoothly. Thank you to Heather from recreation for her extra Stampede decorations that she brings from home. We had a great time with our residents going to the Stampede grounds on Heritage Day!


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