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SkyPointe Newsletter & Program Calendars – August 2020







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Recreation Newsletter and Program Calendars

August 2020

Greetings residents and family members,

And just like that, we are in the month of August. This summer has looked quite different compared to last summer, but that does not mean we are not going to enjoy the sunny days ahead!

There will be no recreation programs on August 3, 2020, Heritage Day.  SkyPointe is starting the month off with the ‘Good Ole Hockey Game’ and cheering on the Calgary Flames as they start their playoff season. On August 4th, it is C of Red Day and all residents, staff and visitors are encouraged to wear red or their favorite Flames gear. All facility TV’s will be tuned into the game in the evening. Resident calendars are labeled with a Flames ‘C’ to indicate which day the flames are playing their first three games.

With all this beautiful weather, a friendly reminder to practice safe sunning; sunscreen, sunglasses, light clothing and staying hydrated. If residents are going out for community walks remember to practice proper hand hygiene, avoid heavily crowded areas and practice safe, social distancing.

Please, take a look at our August newsletter (below) and program calendars for upcoming programs and activities.  If you have any questions or concerns, please, contact (587)619-6317! Or stop by the recreation office. Our general office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday.

Yours sincerely,

Marlee Dukart

Recreation Therapy Manager




Download the Recreation Calendar here: 


Sunridge East

Sunrdige West

Rundle East

Rundle West

Whitehorn East

Whitehorn West

Taradale East

Taradale West

Martindale East

Martindale West



Pegasus Theater Viewing Schedule

Pegasus Theater has re-opened for residents to enjoy a unique cinematic experience.

  • Seating in theater will only accommodate half capacity, allowing safe social distancing
  • A maximum of 15 people will be allowed in the theater
  • There must be 2 theater seats in between each occupied seat and 6 ft. between each wheelchair
  • Resident walkers will be parked outside of theater during
  • Theater programs are scheduled for each neighbourhood
  • Staff will only accommodate residents from scheduled floor in the theater. No exceptions will be given at any time

For viewing times, please see your neighbourhood calendar


One Minute of Learning

Code of the Month: Code Red

Code Red is the designated phrase to alert personnel to smoke / fire and details the actions to be taken by staff to ensure the safety and security of themselves, their residents and visitors. Staff in the effected area will follow R.E.A.C.T.

For more information, ask your neighbourhood nurse or one of SkyPointe’s onsite educators


For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Marlee Dukart (Recreation Therapy Manager)

587-619-6317, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!

****Recreation programs and activities are subject to change in some extenuating circumstances. We will work our hardest to make sure this does not happen!****