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Beverly Estate Newsletter & Calendar – October 2015

October Announcements;

From Food Services—  Join us for a special Coffee tasting October 1st @ 2pm in the lounge—come down and pick your new favourite blend

Evacuation Reminder:  The green  magnetic “E” has been placed  on inside door frame of everyone’s suite. These “E’s” are only to be used and placed on the outside door frame during an emergency evacuation. If you have any questions on this procedure please speak with Drene.

Roll up your sleeves—it’s time for your annual flu shot. The flu shot clinic will take place Tuesday, October 13th, from 1:00—4:00 in the lounge – main floor

Special Thank you to Dennis & Fay Stiles—Beverly Residents

On behalf of AgeCare and the Beverly Estate residents, we would like to express our appreciation of your generosity in funding the patio and gazebo structure outside the front entrance to the Beverly Estate. This special area has already made an immediate difference to the lives of our estate residents.  Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.

October 2015 Estate Calendar