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Beverly Lake Midnapore – January 2016 Newsletter & Calendar


Happy New Year to our Agecare Lake Midnapore family and friends. May 2016 bring you and your loved ones great happiness and good health.



As we ease into 2016, we will be learning about different cultures each week in January. Learning about different cultures stimulates the mind, fosters understanding, and offers diversity to day to day routines. Join us week by week in January and learn more about Hawaii, England, Jamaica, and Japan.

Here are more fun & events January has to offer at Beverly Lake Midnapore…

5th —Legion Lunch

5th —Nut Man in the Atrium

3rd —Sox & Sax in Atrium

8th —Country Drive

11th —Beverly Band in the Atrium

11th —Chinese Food In house

13th —City Drive

13th —Roli Mack Music in the Atrium

14th —Fish & Chip In House

18th —Conversationalists in the Bridlewood

19th —Grumpy Old Men go to Riley’s Cattle Barn

26th —Red Hatter’s at Grey Eagle Casino

29th —Hot Chocolate Drive

For outings, please stop by the Recreation office to fill out a sign up form. If you cannot make it in, contact Tori White, Recreation Coordinator at 403-873-2612 or email at

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