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Care Centre: Harmony Court Care August 2017 Activity Calendars & Newsletter


  • All the Grey Squirrels in Stanley Park from eight pairs of grey squirrels were given to Vancouver by New York City in 1909
  • The Jolly Jumper baby seat was patented in BC in 1957 and Manufactured in North Vancouver
  • One of the oldest known western red cedars, the Hanging Garden Tree on Meares Island near Tofino, is estimated to be between 1500 and 2000 Years old!
  • The first electric streetlights in Vancouver were lit on Aug 8, 1887
  • The largest landslide ever recorded in Canada occurred on Jan 9, 1965, 17 km of Hope.
  • BC has about 40,000 islands.
  • The first trans-Canada telephone call was made in 1916 between Vancouver and Montreal on a circuit running 6763 km through Buffalo, Chicago, Omaha, Salt Lake City and Portland, Ore
  • Vancouver had the first Skid Row in Canada. In Vancouver’s early days, the area presently bounded by Carrall and Cordova streets was the terminus of an actual skid road – a slideway used to drag logs to water or to Railway tracks for transport to a lumber mill. Unemployed loggers often gathered at the end of these trails to ask for work. When no jobs were available, it was time to party. In Vancouver, this involved booze and brothels. Cheap lodging for out-of-work loggers and mission soup kitchens for derelicts were soon added.
  • Preserved footprints of three Tyrannosaurs, all heading in the same direction, were discovered near Tumbler ridge in 2011.
  • On March 1,1923, world famous escape artist Harry Houdini, who was in Vancouver as part of a vaudeville show performing at the Orpheum Theatre, took up a challenge to be hoisted high into the air – while shackled and tied up in a straitjacket- outside The Sun building on West Pender
  • Slice bread came to Vancouver in 1937
  • The Ogopogo has been a protected species since 1989. The legendary serpent-like creature believed but never proved to inhabit the depths of Okanagan Lake has legal protection from being captured, killed or even harassed.
  • 9 meters below Van Dusen botanical Gardens is an enormous abandoned reservoir that was built in 1912. The concrete vaults once held three million gallons of city drinking water. The reservoir was abandoned and sealed in the early 1970’s



Monday, August 7th


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