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Care Centre: Harmony Court Care February 2018 Activity Calendars & Newsletter

Sensory Stimulation Program at Harmony Court Care

Living Now Sensory Services at Harmony Court is there to provide an environment where Touch, Movement and Sensory Stimulation come together in a pro-active holistic approach towards overall health and wellbeing.

The sensory environment assists to improve and increase synaptic connections and neuron-transmission. Exposure to frequent and various Sensory Stimulation can facilitate connectivity in the areas with damaged nervous systems, leading to maintained or improved cognitive functioning and environmental interaction.

The Sensory Stimulation Environment allows freedom for individuals to impact their spirit, adjust behavior, motivate learning and sooth the stresses of everyday duties, rules and expectations. This unique setting also affords a tranquil, comfortable environment to foster successful family visits that ease the tension and helpless feelings of the family and allow in moments of awareness and joy.

Some benefits of the sensory environment are social integration, decrease of isolation and withdrawal, increased focus, alertness and cognition, emotional stability/wellness, intentional nurturing touch, support with varying behaviors, and so much more.

Imagine a wonderful world filled with the wonderful sights of floating colors all over, aromas that appeal to your senses and sounds that come from the earth and speak to your soul.

Orbiting pictures and gentle colors that surround you in dance, enjoy as different textures and the feel of your tactile senses are amused. Gentle vibrations and a warm touch massages your body and takes away your stress as your worries drift away.

Here there are no expectations; one is free from pressures, orders, demands and the overstimulated environment of a Care Home. Your loved ones are free to touch and explore and discover as they relax and let go.

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