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Fun Facts About Canada Day

1-The name Canada derives from an Iroquoian word for

“village,” kanata, that French explorers heard used to refer to the

area near present-day Quebec City.

2-On June 20, 1868, Governor General the Viscount Monck issued a

royal proclamation asking for Canadians to “celebrate the

anniversary of the confederation.

3-This holiday was given the statutory value on 1879 and was

designated as the Dominion Day.

4-Canada was known as officially as Dominion Day until October

27, 1982.

However, many ordinary Canadians have considered it as Canada

Day long before the official name change.

5-The year 2011 marks the 144rd celebration of Canada Day which

commemorates the day that Canada became a nation. 

6-Canada Day kicks off, what Canadians call, “those two months

    before winter starts”

7- Canada Day and the cold one go together like Bob and Doug

McKenzie, In British Columbia resident’s guzzle 1.2 million liters

of beer over country’s birthday long weekend-and that’s just from

government -run liquor stores.


Happy Canada Day!


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