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Care Centre: Harmony Court Care September 2018 Activity Calendars & Newsletter

Messages of Love

How does one write the perfect love note? Let me count the ways on September 26, Love Note Day. Whether you pen a love note to make an ordinary day extraordinary or jot some loving words down in a greeting card, penning a heartfelt love note takes some practice.

The sonnet was the preferable form for a love note for hundreds of years. It was invented by the Italian Giacomo de Lentini in the 13th century. The word sonnet means “little song,” and it is a 14-line poem with a variable rhyming scheme that always ends with a turn of thought or sentiment. As you can see, a sonnet is a highly technical piece of writing, perhaps better left to poets like Dante or William Shakespeare. However, if you truly wish to woo your love, then a sonnet is the traditional choice.

Modern times, however, may require modern methods. A greeting card, a poem, or a note on a napkin must all be sincere. It is important to speak from your heart. And don’t just write “I love you” or “You’re beautiful.” These generic phrases, while true, are uninteresting. It is of utmost importance to be particular. Mention details and things you love: the smell of hair, the way she likes her coffee, his obsession with crossword puzzles. Show that you’ve noticed things that no one else but a true love could have possibly noticed. That is love.

Why is it important to a relationship to write love notes? Writing down your thoughts and feelings makes them permanent. Also, it is often easier to describe your heart in writing when you are alone and thoughtful than to express your truest thoughts and feelings on the spot in front of another person. Perhaps you’d like to start by writing a letter and not sharing it? The simple act of writing about your love for your beloved is a way to rejuvenate your feelings for them. So let your love flow from your pen. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, try to make it rhyme!

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