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December 2014 Activity Calendar and Newsletter – Columbia

Fall Prevention & Protection—Same Level Falls

Although it may be surprising, this is where the majority of falls take place. Falls often occur in familiar areas such as a hallway from a bedroom to a bathroom or on a stretch of pavement; other common causes of same-level falls are slippery surfaces and tripping over objects.

To prevent same-level falls, keep your eyes open and observe the surface you are walking on, even if you have traveled over it dozens or hundreds of times before. Be aware of slippery surfaces and potential tripping hazards. If you are walking somewhere new or on a problematic surface, walk carefully, with your weight over the balls of your feet and your knees slightly bent.

If you feel yourself falling, bend your knees to the greatest extent possible to lower your center of     gravity. If you can, try to break your fall by grabbing a nearby tree, wall or post. If the fall is inevitable, always attempt to fall on the front part of your body. Extend your arms and try to break your fall by landing on your hands and arms. Always keep your head up. (How to Avoid Falling—Eric Fredrikson)

Did You Know?

For your convenience, Columbia is pleased to offer for purchase a new personal care supplies package:

  • Our smaller supplies package is $20.00 per month and will include 2 boxes of gloves and 2 packages of 50 Tena Disposable Wash Cloths
  • Our larger supplies package is $30.00 per month and will include 3 boxes of gloves and 3 packages of 50 Tena Disposable Wash Cloths.

This service will assist in reducing the risk of infections as personal care is provided using disposable products. The cost of this package can be applied to your monthly rent and every month a new package will automatically be delivered to the resident’s room.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Barb Fisher, Resident Care Manager at 403-320-9363.


  • We raised $130.00 from our bake sale, with proceeds going to a local veteran and her Family, in honor of the two fallen soldiers, Corporal Nathan Cirillo & WO Patrice Vincent.
  • Thank you for Wendy Fisher for her donation of a bread machine.
  • A big welcome to our new volunteer, Charles Cavilla. Charles is interested in visiting with the men here at Columbia, so please let recreation know if you would like to meet him.
  • Thank you to Shannon for making the beautiful centerpieces for the dining room tables.  We ask that these please remain on the tables for everyone’s enjoyment.

A Christmas to Remember – Care This Christmas

We invite you Care this Christmas by participating in the Christmas to Remember program.

A Christmas to Remember was started by AgeCare’s Columbia Retirement Community with the hope of spreading holiday cheer to lonely and/ or financially-challenged seniors. Anonymous gifts delivered directly to local seniors in need sends the message that they are being remembered this Christmas.

The 3 ways you can show seniors you that you Care this Christmas:

  1. Registering a senior who is alone and indicate the gift wish for that senior
  2. Becoming a Secret Santa for a senior by donating a gift, or
  3. Volunteering their time to sort, wrap and/or deliver the gift.

To learn more about A Christmas to Remember or to get involved, please visit

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