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December 2019 Newsletter & Calendar – AgeCare Glenmore

Merry Christmas and Holiday Greetings to everyone!!!
Hard to believe this is the last month of 2019. We hope you enjoy the events we are having this season. Kicking off the December, we have Tree Decorating with Sylvia Paxton on December 5th. The highly anticipated Holiday Tea and Vendors Market on Saturday December 7th. The Vendors will be available at 1:00pm, and the tea begins at 2:00pm. The market is free to attend and the tea is $5.00. Come with your family and enjoy a glass of wine or eggnog, if tea and coffee are not for you. The shopping will be great too! Hope to see you there!


Important Dates:

  • Dec 5 – Tree Decorating with Sylvia Paxton
  • Dec 5 – Happy Hour
  • Dec 7 –  Vendors Market and Christmas Tea
  • Dec 14 – Jewel Box Recitals
  • Dec 17 – Cowboy Christmas
  • Dec 18 – Unit 200 Christmas Party
  • Dec 19 – Bayview Christmastmas Party
  • Dec 20 – Hanukkah Service
  • Dec 23 – Mila’s Christmas Entertainment
  • Dec 24 – Naomi and Sarah Christmas Sing-a-Long and Christmas Eve Party
  • Dec 31 – New Years Eve Party with Romeo


  •   The Resident and Family Council Meeting will resume in January.
  •   Bayview Neighborhood will be having their Christmas Party on Thursday December 19th at 2:00PM
  •   Raffle tickets will be on sale the week before the Vendor’s Market and Tea, and the day of.

Thank you’s:

  •   Thank you to the kitchen staff, vendors and volunteers for making the Vendor’s Market and Tea possible.
  •   Special thanks to the volunteers Shelly and Karen Franks for your raffle donations.
  •   A special thank you to the committee who put together this year’s Remembrance Day Celebration. You can sure see the endless hours that went into crafting the prizes.
  •   Thank you to Alesa for selling raffle tickets at reception.

Questions or Concerns?

  • If you have any questions or concerns about our events or our calendar, please contact Chris Bannatyne, Director of Recreation at AgeCare Glenmore, at 403-640-8741.
  • If you would like to volunteer or would like to find out more about what volunteering opportunities exist here, please contact Laura at 403-640-8742.

Download the AgeCare Glenmore Events Calendars & Newsletter:

December 2019 RT Calendar

December 2019 RT Calendar Bayview