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February 2015 Activity Calendar and Newsletter – BCG

February is Valentine’s month and we are going to help the residents decorate their walkers and wheelchairs. Lookout for these sparkly additions.

Special Note

We welcomed Dean Ricon to our department in January.  He was on his practicum for RTA and very helpful; we wish him all the best as he leaves us.

Thank You

  • For participating in our CARIBBEAN FIESTA.  There were lots of dancing and costumes!
  • To Link-Ages for their return in the New Year!

Don’t Forget

To check our calendar for the monthly Jewish Cultural Program run by volunteers for our residents – keep up the great work!

Highlighted Events & Activities

February 1      Classical Piano with Erna

February 2      Bible Study

February 3      Veteran’s Legion Outing

February 3      ‘Eden’ Before Dinner Drinks

February 3      Mass Service

February 4      Bridge

February 4      Bowling

February 5      Keyboard With Stan

February 5      William Bjorn Entertainment

February 6      Movie

February 7      Dominoes

February 9      Link-Ages Students Visit

February 10    Mass Service

February 11    Bridge

February 11    Heritage Tea

February 13    Horse Racing With Bill Ent.

February 12    Valentine’s Day Social With Romeo

February 13    Horse Racing With Bill Ent.

February 17    ‘Eden’ Before Dinner Drinks

February 17    Mass Service

February 18    Bridge

February 19    Deerfoot Casino Outing

February 19    United Church Service

February 20    Chinook Country Line Dancers Entertainment

February 23    Link-Ages Students Visit

February 23    Jewish Cultural Program

February 24    Mass Service

February 25    Anglican Church Service

February 25    Bridge

February 25    Heritage Tea

February 26    Sylvia Paxton Entertainment

February 27    Movie

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