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February 2015 Activity Calendar – Orchard Manor

Where did January go! Before you know it we’ll be planting flowers! Having this nice break in the weather makes the winter go faster so that’ a bonus.

A big “Welcome” to all of our newest residents and we hope you will have a happy and healthy stay here with us. You will each receive a monthly

Activity Calendar to inform you of each days activities and we look forward to having you participate in the ones you would enjoy.

We have a new hairdresser on board, her name is Debra and she will be here MONDAYS 9:00am-5:00pm and also WEDNESDAYS 9:00am-5:00pm. Together we will make scheduled hair appointments for each week. Debra would really appreciate your business. At this time I would like to inform everyone that the salon will be available only to Debra and Wendy (the barber).

There are some changes to the calendar as my co-worker, Agnes, is retiring but we won’t miss her as she will be volunteering for cards and bingos.

Dates to watch for;

  • February–Monday’s & Wednesday’s-Hairdresser-9:00am-5:00pm-2ndfl
  • February-3rd-Tuesday-Toonie Tuesday
  • February-5th-Thursday-Resident Council Meeting-11:00am-3rdfl
    • This is a meeting for all residents and their families to give us feedback on anything they would like to discuss.
  • February-9th-Family Day!
  • February-13th-Friday-Griffin Park Students-10:30am-1stfl
  • Valentines Tea-2:00pm-1stfl
  • February-14th-Saturday-Happy Valentines Day!
  • February-24th-Tuesday-Sweets & Stuff Shop-2:00pm-1stfl
  • February- 26th-Thursday-“ALJO”-2:00pm-1stfl
    • This is live entertainment-Golden Oldies!

Orchard Manor February 2015 Calendar