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February 2016 Newsletter & Calendar – AgeCare Columbia

As you gaze outside the windows in the dining room, can you see all the fresh snow covering the lawns, gardens, and the gazebo? Suddenly lunch & dinner seem warmer, and the fireplace in phase two seems to burn a little brighter! If you do need to go outside, whether to catch the Access-A-Ride, meet family, get some fresh air, or just to throw a snowball at someone, please take care to dress for the weather, and be careful where you walk. What are some of your favourite memories of winter? If you are from southern Alberta, then perhaps you went cross-country skiing in Waterton or Banff. Or built snow forts in the drifts. Or went sledding, or rode a toboggan. I remember walking to meet the school bus in my snowboots and winter parka, with my knitted mittens threaded through the sleeves of my jacket, my cheeks all red. Do you remember making snowmen, or having snowball fights? Somehow those pesky girls always won those wars… If you have a favourite winter memory, talk about it the next time you see your friends at Columbia, whether it is at the dinner table or elsewhere. Or just tell one of the nursing staff – we love to hear your funny stories! 

– Ross Bruinsma

We have some new residents at Columbia!

It is always a pleasure to welcome new people into our community. Here’s who joined us in January – when you see them, please make sure to introduce yourself and make them feel at home:

– Victor Stasiuk

– Robert Paskuski

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February 2016 Newsletter – AgeCare Columbia

February 2016 Calendar – AgeCare Columbia