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February 2016 Newsletter & Calendar – AgeCare Orchard Manor

Our Resident Council Meeting is Thursday, February 4th at 10:00 am in the dining room on the 2nd floor. We urge residents and family to attend as we encourage you to voice your concerns regarding any issues you may have or fill out Feedback Forms. Ferdi, our manager, deals with each and every complaint that he is made aware of. We need to hear from you so we can make Orchard Manor a happy, healthy environment for everyone. Janet and I are trying some new ideas for the Activity Calendar and would appreciate any suggestions from residents and family as to what you would like changed, added or deleted. Any ideas are welcome!

Once again we give “Thanks” to the United Church Ladies for the homemade goodies and Sing-A-Long last month. Volunteers make the world a much better place!

Special dates to watch for in February

February 4th – 10:00 am- Resident Council Meeting-2nd floor dining room


February 12th – 10:50 am – Griffin Park Students bring Valentines

                           – 2:00 pm-Valentine’s Tea- 1st floor

February 17th – 2:00 pm- Pie & Ice Cream-1st floor

February 22nd – 2:00pm Sweet Shop – 1st floor

There are no February birthdays!

A smile is a sign of joy!

A hug is a sign of love!

A laugh is a sign of happiness! 

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AgeCare Orchard Manor – February 2016