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Harmony Court Care Activity Calendars & Newsletter June 2016

I have the pleasure of being the General Manager here at Harmony Court for just over 2 years now. The times here are favourable, enjoyable, laughable, and profoundly sad and yes sometimes stressful. I was recently asked how I handle all those emotions of trying to stay calm, reassuring, patient, and a compassionate leader. The only answer I have is summed up in this poem which I dedicate to my beloved Dad …. My Hero!

I’m my Daddy made over

I am who I am because of him
He’s the reason for my son’s name
He gave me my courage & my strength
To stand tall even when standing wasn’t easy
Stand for the ones who can’t
To think and fend for myself
I’m my Daddy made over

Taught me to fight back
To never back down
How to pick myself back up
When I’ve been knocked down
Fight for what I believe
I’m my Daddy made over

He gave me my stubbornness
Gave me my pride
Gave me my temper
Taught me not to take crap
To speak my mind no matter who
Work for what I want
I’m my Daddy made over

How to keep my emotions in check
How to handle large amounts of pain
When in trouble he always had my back
He knew how my mind worked better than anyone
I got it from him
I’m my Daddy made over

Even though he’s struggling now
I’ll stand and continue on
I may stumble I may fall
May even get hurt along the way
But I’ll pick myself back up
I’ll dust myself off and stand tall
I’m honoured and proud to say
I’m my Daddy made over

Paula Anderson,

General Manager

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