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Harmony Court Care Activity Calendars & Newsletter May 2016

Resident Centred Care

In the Family Council minutes of Feb. 22nd, 2016 the term known as Resident Centred Care was introduced to the families of AgeCare Harmony Court.

What are the benefits of resident-centred care?

Resident -centred approaches:

  • Allow residents and their families to have greater control over their own lives by allowing them to make choices about the types of care and services they access and how and when they are delivered.
  • Support staff to value and seek to know the people they care for, to understand their experience and to support them to retain as much independence and dignity as possible.
  • Result in happier staff who wants to stay in your organization.
  • Mean that organizations are well placed to provide culturally appropriate responses.
  • Enhance an organization’s reputation and standing.
  • Treating staff in a person-centred way so they can, in turn, deliver resident -centred care.

The following is where we will begin:

  • Staff is encouraged to knock on each resident’s room before they enter and also to remind the residents of their name.
  • In May the Care Centre will have a Pajama Day , yes you guessed it , residents and staff will be in their PJ’s for the day, if they choose too.
  • In May a Resident Council will be organized for the Rosewood neighbourhood. As the General Manager I will collaborate with the residents by:Knowing the strengths & personal profiles of resident’s on the Rosewood neighbourhood and encourage them to assist in creating a new council. Strong representatives will assist in the success.

Know the common themes of any issues from the past to inform the new resident members that they have a voice and represent their neighbourhood.

Above all else I will listen and communicate back in a timely and in collaborative manner

  • The value I see of the staff team collaborating with the new Resident Council is:

Gives opportunities to explain facility policies and procedures & informs the council of changes and new information related to the community and organization. Staff can assist in creating an awareness and appreciation of the council.  Staff can assist with concern resolution.

Work in a positive environment through respectful interactions and collaboration.

Opportunities to enhance shared decision making and quality improvement of residents care.

Paula Anderson,

General Manager

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