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Harmony Court Care December 2015 Activity Calendars & Newsletter

A Message from the General Manager

The holidays are a time of tradition and the gathering of family and friends for many people however for some seniors; this can be a time that reminds them of losses…the loss of loved ones, the loss of a home and the loss of good health.

How to Help

For many seniors it is difficult to talk about their holiday blues. They may feel that they don’t want to dampen the mood for others, or they may not want to admit that they feel depressed during what should be a happy time. You can help by getting your elderly relative or friend to talk about it. “It’s helpful for seniors to acknowledge that this time may be difficult. Acknowledging that might allow them to feel okay about sharing some of the thoughts on their mind, which could make them feel better.”

Other things you can do to help your favourite senior get through the holidays include;

Plan ahead:

Feel connected to other people during the holidays

Do not stay home

Stay active and go places where neighbours and people gather

Celebrate together

Attend Harmony Court special holiday activities

Enjoy the holiday meals

Really listen:

Take the time to listen to your loved one and friends. “They may need to reminisce about their childhood or past holiday traditions.” Sometimes a senior won’t acknowledge sadness, but if you listen, you’ll hear them complain more about physical ailments or express a lack of interest in social activities.


Offer specific help:

Try to make sure your loved one feels a part of the holiday.

Bake your families’ classic cookie recipe and have your loved one share with their neighbours

Join your loved one in some of the special holiday events and meals.

It’s important to realize that while the holiday blues may be difficult, it is temporary.

I wish that all of you enjoy and truly feel the spirit of the Yuletide Season. This holiday should be met by everyone with a light and cheery heart. We should all take some time off to relax and join the joyful celebrations of this season.

Our company truly appreciates the efforts that our hardworking employees place in their tasks. New and old employees have shown exceptional and truly commendable work performance this year. We are truly pleased with the production and work outputs of everyone in the staff. Through your efforts, our company was able to achieve and even surpass our goals and missions for the year. The team effort and cooperation that you displayed is instrumental in our success. We have made a great achievement this year with the help of each other.

Our company wishes that you and your family will experience a happy Christmas celebration.

Paula Anderson

General Manager

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