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Harmony Court Estate Activity Calendar & Newsletter July 2016

Office of the Seniors Advocate   1-877-952-3181

The Seniors Advocate works with seniors and key stakeholders (governments, community agencies, private organizations and advocacy groups) to identify and understand systemic issues, while retaining the ability to make independent and public recommendations for change. This unique collaborative approach strikes a balance between the need for independence and program oversight while retaining the ability to achieve system change.

Seniors Advocate Act

• Appoint a Council of Advisers

• Identify work priorities, develop plans, and hire employees and outside experts

• Gather information from service providers

• Make independent recommendations to government and service providers

• Report to the public on any matter arising from the fulfillment of responsibilities

• Accountable to the people of British Columbia through a mandate prescribed in legislation

• Must report to the minister responsible for seniors (currently the Minister of Health) at least once each year on the activities of the office

• Duty to advise the minister, public officials, and other service providers about systemic challenges facing seniors and the need for changes to address those challenges

Scope Reporting

• “Senior” is a British Columbia resident aged 65 or older, or less than 65 but receiving seniors’ services

• Provide information and referral services to seniors, their caregivers and their families

• Identify and analyze systemic challenges faced by seniors and their families

• Monitor seniors’ services related to health care, personal care, housing, transportation and income support

• Focus on systemic issues rather than individual advocacy or complaints; connect individuals to the appropriate body to resolve their issues

• Report to the public on any matter related to the fulfillment of responsibilities

• Provide annual report to the minister

• Regular communication with government and service providers for ongoing redress of issues where appropriate

• The minister may require the Advocate to report to the minister on specific matters

I encourage you all to read the 2015/16 Annual Report of the Office of the Seniors Advocate in accordance with Section 4(4) of the Seniors Advocate Act.

This document is the second annual report from the Office of the Seniors Advocate and reports on the period of April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016. It also describes some of the current and future activities underway and planned for the Office of the Seniors.

Thanks and enjoy your summer vacations as I will from June 22 to July 11th.

Paula Anderson

General Manager


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