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Harmony Court Estate Activity Calendar & Newsletter May 2016

Assisted Living vs. Independent Senior Living


A typical independent senior living community resident is a person 55 and older who is mentally and physically capable of living alone without skilled nursing or assistance with day-to-day activities. Some residents may need assistance with a few activities of daily living and can obtain third-party home health care services. These services at Agecare Harmony Court are provided by SimpeQ Care, Burnaby Home Health or St. Elizabeth’s.

Seniors who may benefit from less home upkeep and increased access to nutritious meals, social interaction, physical and mental stimulation, and transportation make ideal independent senior living community residents.

The most significant difference between assisted living and independent senior living is the care provided. Residents of assisted living facilities require assistance with daily activities like medication, eating, bathing, dressing, and toileting. Residents of a purpose-built independent senior living complex have taken an active decision to improve their quality of life by living in a secure, low maintenance home. Elderly people who have chosen to live in assisted retirement complex will often require more care and support to improve their quality of life.

Independent senior living residents are able to live on their own with limited assistance (provided by third-party home health care providers if needed) and without around-the-clock supervision. Neither assisted living nor senior independent living communities’ offer 24/7 skilled nursing that is provided at care centres.


Paula Anderson

General Manager


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